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Wall Cracks in Western New York

The excessive freezing and unfreezing that goes on all winter in Western New York not only takes a toll on your sanityit can definitely take a toll on your home's foundation. Mix unpredictable winter weather with the natural deterioration of turn-of-the-century built Buffalo homes, and you've got the perfect storm for extensive wall cracks.

Beware of thawing after a deep freeze

Our primary concern after this past winter should be how the cold and snow has affected the foundations of our homes. Two factors that are sure to negatively affect our foundations are the extended cold weather and the two significant thawing events we have experienced over this past Buffalo, NY winter. One way to prevent this damage is to inspect your home's foundation.

How to protect your home from expensive winter damage

The main way to prevent damage after a harsh winter is to inspect your drainage system. As a homeowner it is recommended that you inspect your foundation and drainage system at least once a year, preferably in the spring and the fall.

Spring is coming! Be careful what you wish for...

 In Buffalo, we spend all winter begging for the spring to arrive. However, there are a few potential damages to your home that you should consider when the winter weather starts to thaw.