Why Sump Pump Installation Is Important For Your Home?

Do you want to get rid of basement flooding and water damage? Just install sump pump in your home, business or other building. These pumps collect water that has buildup near your property and disperse it from the structure, thus preventing flooding.

The Benefits of Waterproofing Your Basement

Water damage is the most common damage that is caused by rain, burst pipes, plumbing leaks, seepage etc.Your house basement is easily affected by water damage because water can get in through the cracks  and poor heating or cooling can build moisture.

Negative Effects Of Wet Basement

A wet basements are more than just appearing ugly. Water residing in your basements can put your family's health at risk. This blog speaks about the issues of flooded basements. 

Main Causes Of Basement Flooding

 The worst nightmare for a homeowner is flooding issues in the house, and when it comes to water damage basement is the top area of concern. Uncertain & severe weather conditions are one of the causes of periodic flooding in the house. Experts at Utech Waterproofing understand the impact of water damage on your family comfort and safety of your residence, that is why our team makes efforts to solve your Basement Flooding issues.

Is Summer Finally Here?


Doing proper landscaping in the surrounding area of your home's foundation will do more than just provide an aesthetic value. Landscaping protects the foundation of your home which helps add years to your home. If not done properly landscaping can potentially do the opposite. Many landscaping companies provide you the best landscaping services.

Here are some landscaping ideas that will protect your foundation:


Rain Rain Go Away?

Rain is a freshwater source and is one of the most important aspects of life! Having said that, it's almost certain to bother you if your basement leaks (or floods!) when it rains. Our basements are similar to an underground holding water tank, without the foundation walls, proper water barriers, resistance materials, and clear drainage, it will almost always allow water in at some point!



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Wall Cracks in Western New York

The excessive freezing and unfreezing that goes on all winter in Western New York not only takes a toll on your sanityit can definitely take a toll on your home's foundation. Mix unpredictable winter weather with the natural deterioration of turn-of-the-century built Buffalo homes, and you've got the perfect storm for extensive wall cracks.

Beware of thawing after a deep freeze

Our primary concern after this past winter should be how the cold and snow has affected the foundations of our homes. Two factors that are sure to negatively affect our foundations are the extended cold weather and the two significant thawing events we have experienced over this past Buffalo, NY winter. One way to prevent this damage is to inspect your home's foundation.

How to protect your home from expensive winter damage

The main way to prevent damage after a harsh winter is to inspect your drainage system. As a homeowner it is recommended that you inspect your foundation and drainage system at least once a year, preferably in the spring and the fall.

Spring is coming! Be careful what you wish for...

 In Buffalo, we spend all winter begging for the spring to arrive. However, there are a few potential damages to your home that you should consider when the winter weather starts to thaw.