Is Summer Finally Here?


Doing proper landscaping in the surrounding area of your home's foundation will do more than just provide an aesthetic value. Landscaping protects the foundation of your home which helps add years to your home. If not done properly landscaping can potentially do the opposite. Many landscaping companies provide you the best landscaping services.

Here are some landscaping ideas that will protect your foundation:

  1. Evenly landscape around your house

Make sure you landscape the whole yard that is surrounding your house evenly. If you landscape only one part of the yard because that part is likely to be watered more the soil of that part will expand. This soil expansion will lead to the development of foundation cracks, so the best way to avoid this is to water the property evenly. You will have to protect your house foundation from the increase in moisture as well from too little water.

  1. Plant tall trees away from the foundation

Huge growing trees are bad for your foundation. The roots of the tree grow large under your foundation and bring unwanted moisture seeking the roots. This causes damage to your foundation by development cracks.

If you are planning to plant trees to your landscape follow these tips. First, decide which trees you want to plant, also how tall and wide will the tree grow. Then plant the trees on safe distance so that the roots of the trees don't interfere with your foundation. Consider planting native trees they require less maintenance. Also, these native trees provide protection against insects & pests. Landscaping plants is also an option.

  1. Install drainage systems to stop foundation issues

While placing flower beds close to the foundation, make sure to create drainage spaces that will allow the water to flow from the flower beds. For Example, if you use bricks to build a flower bed border, leave small space between the brick for the water to flow. Many types of landscape drainage issues can be solved by installing proper drainage systems.  

  1. Mulch your flower beds

Mulch retains moisture which is beneficial for the plants and also for the foundation, especially in summer by preventing the soil surrounding the home from becoming dry. If the soil remains dry it can harm the foundation by causing movement.

  1. Improve your gutter system

You need to use gutter extensions a minimum 5 feet away from the foundation to push water. To carry water further you can install the underground downspouts. Make sure the gutters are cleared of dirt because clogged gutters lead to water overflow and water pooling. Also, fix the leaks and gaps while cleaning the gutters.

Rain barrel is another good option because it helps to collect gutter runoff. The water that gets collected in the barrels can be used for gardening. By doing this you will protect your foundation as well as reduce your monthly utility bill. Some landscaping companies can do it for you.

  1. Plan concrete structures carefully

Stagnant water is not good for the foundation of your home. Landscaping the paths, sidewalks, etc made of concrete should be designed to runoff water from the foundation. Make sure you balance these concrete structures. Heavily-watered gardens and large expanded concrete can impact your home foundation negatively.

Use the above tips to protect your foundation with proper landscaping. Or choose from the best landscaping companies. If you want more tips of landscaping, or is your foundation damaged call Utech Waterproofing today. We will schedule an inspection and consult you on landscaping, maintenance, and foundation repair. Our team provides the best landscaping services.