Negative Effects Of Wet Basement


A wet basements are more than just appearing ugly. Water residing in your basements can put your family's health at risk. This blog speaks about the issues of flooded basements. 


Mold grows easily in the areas where there is presence of water. The flooded basements makes your family susceptible to the health hazards developed by molds. The people of all ages right from infants to the elderly people are more likely to be affected by this health hazards.

Mold growth in your house is more likely to cause sinus infection to the family members, whereas it has different effects on different people. The people who are more sensitive can get allergic reactions or even asthma attacks due to mold spores. 

The one most common effect of mold is the smelly aroma that it creates. 

The "Toxic Mold" that is the black in colour is considered the most dangerous one it causes severe health issues to the family. This toxic mold cause more than  respiratory problems, skin irritation, dry cough, chronic fatigue, sinus congestion etc. 

Structural Damage

Presence of moisture in your basement can cause structural damage to your house. The basement footing and foundation of your house are affected by the presence of water in the basement.

Once water stays for a long time at one place the soil present in that particular space becomes soft. This soft soil allows the house to push down to sink in the ground. This sinking is not symmetrical, as a result it forms cracks in your foundation. 

Mold and structural damage is unnoticed before becoming a big problem. Removing the mold and fix structural damage can be a hassle and financial burden. To prevent the same waterproofing is necessary.  

Waterproofing will protect your house and also your family health. Contact Utech Basement Waterproofing today and get best waterproofing services.