Main Causes Of Basement Flooding


The worst nightmare for a homeowner is flooding issues in the house, and when it comes to water damage basement is the top area of concern. Uncertain & severe weather conditions are one of the causes of periodic flooding in the house. Experts at Utech Waterproofing understand the impact of water damage on your family comfort and safety of your residence, that is why our team makes efforts to solve your Basement Flooding issues. Whether you live in a flood-prone or not, it is essential to understand that basement flooding can be due to numerous, common factors.  

Common Causes:

Poor Construction:  To prevent water from seeping in the interiors the basement floor and walls need to be properly sealed. If sealing is done incorrectly water is more likely to enter in the basement making flooded during heavy rains

Drainage Issues: The drainage system of your property and your home plays a vital role in preventing basement flooding. If you have an ineffective drainage system, clogged, improperly installed or broken gutters basements will be the first areas where you will experience water damage. 

System Failures:  In order to prevent basement floods one should make sure that everything from a sump pump, water supply lines, water heater & other household systems function properly. Our team is expert in repairing any kind of damage occurred in any of the above-mentioned systems. 

Our mission at Utech Waterproofing is to provide comprehensive solutions at the most affordable price that will help our clients to get all the basement repair and sealing services to protect their homes from water damage. 

Whether you are already experiencing basement leakage due to heavy rains or you want to prevent a problem before it occurs, you can count on Utech Basement Waterproofing to deliver the services needed to ensure your home is protected. Give us a call and we will be there to help you.