How to protect your home from expensive winter damage

The main way to prevent damage after a harsh winter is to inspect your drainage system. As a homeowner it is recommended that you inspect your foundation and drainage system at least once a year, preferably in the spring and the fall.

Why does the winter harm my home?

A deep freeze can cause our exterior drainage lines to freeze if they hold any water, which may lead to cracked or broken piping underground, undetectable by the average homeowner.

After a period of deep freezing, significant thawing events will cause erosion to occur where any underground lines are cracked or broken, which can also be taxing to the limits of our interior or exterior drainage systems. We have fielded hundreds of calls from customers who state "I never had water in my basement before!" This is not unusual given the volume of water we have had to deal with during these thawing events.

Personally inspecting your drainage system

To begin, walk along the exterior of your home to inspect the drainage system for two main things. First, make sure that the drain is free flowing and does not have any cracks. Next, you'll want to make sure that the gutter downspouts are connected properly to the drain and are not spilling out on the ground.

These types of issues need to be addressed immediately to prevent potential damage to your home. It is important to thoroughly inspect your drainage system to avoid spending an excess of time and money.

Not sure what else to look for? Request our one-page instructional guide, "Utech's 5 tips for inspecting your drainage system," free of charge for WNY homeowners, or call us today for a free estimate: (716)893-8801.