Wall Cracks in Western New York


Do you have basement wall cracks?


After several years braving the seasons surrounding Lake Erie, Western New York homeowners will be hard pressed not to find a single wall crack in their home's basement. Yet, even though seeing a crack in the wall may not seem out of the ordinary, it's important to consider the serious effects that un-repaired wall cracks could have on the overall structure and value of your home.


Like any untreated problem, a unnoticed or small crack in your basement wall will most likely lead to a larger, more prominent crack. Though any size or type of wall crack should be monitored, the average measurement that we see becoming a problem is around ⅛" and we find the horizontal or diagonal cracks to pose the greatest threat. Regardless, once any wall crack begins letting in moisture, the effects can be detrimental to your home, resulting in larger cracks, flooding, mold growth, bowing walls, or even foundational damage.


You definitely have cracks in your basement walls. Now what?


Once you've personally analyzed the size and type of your crack, you may or may not know if you are at risk of extensive and expensive home repairs. That's why it's crucial to consider your waterproofing options to find the method, time frame, and price that work best for your personal situation.


As the waterproofing experts of Western New York, we know Buffalo wall cracks! Our team at Utech Basement Waterproofing knows how to detect serious wall cracks and how to repair them and prevent further damage.


First, you should examine the walls to see if you notice any signs of wall movement. This may be hard to determine and it may help to seek the aid of a structural engineer. If movement is evident it is important to have the wall reinforced and the leaks repaired to prevent further more extensive damage.  


If the wall cracks are only leaking, and aren't physically moving and affecting the home's structure yet, then there are two ways to waterproof leaking wall cracks. They can be sealed from the exterior to prevent the water from entering into the basement, or the water that does enter the basement can be redirected to the drain tile system under the basement floor. Each method has its drawbacks. The exterior method is usually more expensive and disruptive while the redirection or "tubing drain" method still allows water along with mud and mineral deposits that will eventually cause the repair to fail. You should look for a method that incorporates both sealing the wall on the exterior and providing a path to redirecting the water if necessary.


What we can do to repair your basement wall cracks


At Utech Basement Waterproofing, we use our exclusive Inject-a-Seal® method, performed by our highly trained technical staff. This method seals poured concrete wall crack leaks from the inside of your home at the SOURCE, between the foundation and the earth and provides a beautiful moisture barrier seal on the interior. Without costly or messy digging, we can make a neat, clean repair that takes less time and costs less than traditional methods. Our repair service typically takes 2.5 - 3.5 hours and the cost is almost 70% less when done using our process from the inside as compared to working from the outside, making ours the most effective solution for wall cracks in Western New York.


Don't let a simple wall crack turn into major damages for your home. We want to save you time and money by showing you what to look for, and knowing when it needs to be repaired. Call or message us today for a FAST and FREE estimate, which we offer all Western New York homeowners.


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