How Do We Do It?

  1. Identify the Crack: It is important to ensure the source of a leak. The reason for a leak may not always be sourced from a crack. There are other possible causes such as 'footer leaks' and bleeders from the floor that may also cause water seepage/leaks. Ensuring the correct diagnosis will allow for a sustainable solution.Inject-A-Seal
  2. Prepare Appropriate Material Specifications: We believe in customizing the appropriate materials specification on every project. We do not believe in the '1-size fits all' mantra! The length/depth of a wall crack can influence the openings in a foundation wall. Accurate measurements and specifications are primarily important to ensure a permanent fix.
  3. Check For Interior Drainage: Having a crack repaired with sealants does not assure you zero water seepage from the floor/wall joints. Clear flowing interior drainage is extremely important in ensuring your basement it kept dry. Always ensure your contractor checks for interior drainage and ensures the drain tiles are unclogged and free flowing before a wall crack repair is completed. This allows for a sustainable dry foundation wall and basement.Foundation Repair
  4. Determine Grade Line: This allows for our proprietary Inject-A-Seal organic material to successfully react with ground pressure on the exterior. This allows for the creation of a membrane developed on the exterior wall to enclose and seal a wall crack from the outside. Water and other natural ground material is completely prevented from diffusing pass the exterior membrane. Determining the grade line ensures the membrane is supported thoroughly with the aid of ground pressure.
  5. Inject-A-Seal: Our proprietary material composed of completely organic compounds have been developed and refined through the years to allow for the most efficient and cost effective solution. We believe in providing our customers a permanent/sustainable solution that is safe and non-hazardous. Inject-A-Seal is a method designed to provide multiple layers of membrane protection keeping the components of a leak on the exterior of the foundation wall. This process is exclusive to Utech Basement Waterproofing and has been utilized in solving foundation wall crack issues for over 25,000 customers in the Greater Buffalo region.Utech Inject-A-Seal Services
  6. Refine Area of Crack: To ensure a complete and thorough repair, we further expose and clean the wall crack. This process allows for the creation of space and additional room in the cracked wall area to allow for an in-depth application of our hydraulic sealant. Through our over 40 years of experience in solving wall crack problems, we have come across thousands of incorrect sealant applications that have caused failed repairs by our competitors. A repair that is primarily focused on the application of sealants will fail if the area of application is not completely clean without the presence of any foreign material. This applies to urethane and epoxy sealants as well.
  7. Apply Hydraulic Sealant: As a second layer of protection or interior protection, we apply a hydraulic sealant after completely cleaning out and exposing the area of the crack. This creates an interior membrane of protection to avoid any possible water or ground material from leaking/seeping through the foundation wall.
  8. Install Vinyl Moisture Barrier Panel: To ensure a clean, tidy and cosmetically valuable solution, we further enhance the repair with a third layer of moisture barrier protection. This vinyl material is 'tucked' into the floor to ensure any moisture/water/organic material that passes through the exterior and interior membranes are redirected behind the moisture barrier panel into the interior drain tile system.Utech Foundation Repair Services
  9. Install Interior Drain Tile Portion: A piece of drain tile is then measured and cut to be installed into the section of repair. Crushed stone is also laid in the opening to further filter any ground material/water that may be redirected into the drain tile. This ensures the drain tile remains clear flowing with no possibility of creating a clog.
  10. Concrete Floor and Clean Up: The broke opened floor is then re-concreted and cleaned up. The finished product will ensure a functionally efficient, cosmetically valuable and sustainable solution.