Basement Wall Cracks? 

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1. Upload Photo(s) of your Basement Wall Crack
  • Upload only ONE photo of each wall crack.
  • Photo MUST CLEARLY show the ENTIRE wall crack from the STARTING point to the ENDING point. 
  • Do NOT zoom into parts of a wall crack, the ENTIRE wall crack MUST be VISIBLE.
  • Photo MUST be taken under GOOD lighting.
  • Provide some additional project information.

2. Receive Online Estimate & Schedule Repair

  • Receive online estimate within 24 hours via email.
  • On the day of your scheduled repair, a designated UTECH Service Technician will call you when he's on his way to your location.
  • An online estimate may NOT be provided if your photos do NOT meet the photo specifications and guidelines as detailed above.

ATTENTION: Looking to speak to a Project Manager about your Basement Wall Cracks?

ATTENTION: Photo Specification Example

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