1. Open the corresponding customer PDF document at This document title will end with '.pdf'.
  2. After opening the correct customer PDF, you will now see a complete contract for the Wall Crack work you sold. Please read through and ensure all information and pricing is inputted accurately. 
  3. Should there be any incorrect information inputted, you MUST resubmit the entire form AGAIN at
  4. Download the PDF by selecting the 'download arrow' on the upper right hand corner.
  5. Now you will see the downloaded version of your PDF document, select 'More Options'.
  6. At the pop-up bubble, search for and select 'Adobe Fill & Sign'. 
  7. The document will now open in the 'Adobe Fill & Sign' template.
  8. Scroll to the lower 2nd page of the document.
  9. Select the signature icon (image of a fountain pen) and select 'Create Signature'.
  10. Have the customer input his/her signature on the screen and select 'Done'.
  11. The signature will now show up inside a blue colored movable and re-sizable box.
  12. Move the signature to the 'OWNER' signature field on the document and re-size the signature accordingly.
  13. Now select the 'Options' tab and choose to email or print the signed contract according to the customer's preference. 
  14. When the signed contract is emailed/printed for the customer, your transaction with the customer is complete.
  15. Select 'Options' again and now select 'Google Drive'.
  16. Select 'My Drive' > 'Home Show 2017 SIGNED Contracts' > 'Save Here'.
  17. Now select 'UPLOAD' on the top right hand side corner of the bubble screen.
  18. Wait for the signed document to complete uploading. 
  19. You have now successfully signed and saved the contract.