Structural Reinforcement in Tonawanda, NY

Stabilizing your basement walls with Steel I-Beams is one of the best things you can do. Throughout the country, wooden beans are being replaced with steel I-beams.Things such as corrosion, elements of weather, and cracks can cause structural damage, resulting in the need of an rigorous analysis to determine whether the structure will undergo reinforcement or a recovery process after the damage. Structural reinforcement ensures that the structure meets the project requirements. 

One of the most effective methods of reinforcing a weakened structure is to increase the resistant part of beams to raise the structure's load capacity. At Utech Waterproofing, we use I-beams for structural reinforcement. I-beams are support units used in construction to help support structures.

I-Beam Installation

When your foundation wall or part of it is greatly displaced or damaged, I-beams are used to reinforce it. Utech Waterproofing uses leading technology and best practices when installing I-beams, as the International Building Code recommends.

We use steel I-beams that are environmentally friendly and follow building code requirements to fasten them to give the strongest support to the structure. Our team of skilled contractors will fasten the beams to the sill plate and footing and attach the steel plate to the floor joists to distribute the pressure.

Before embarking on the structural reinforcement process, our professionals check the design of your foundation and building to determine the appropriate beams' size, geometry and shape to use. I-beam can be used to reinforce the foundation of the roof and floor.

One-stop Solution for I-Beam Installation in Tonawanda, NY

Utech Waterproofing is one of the most reliable I-beam installation companies in Tonawanda, NY. Backed with years of experience as a waterproofing contractor, we are able to offer affordable and customized I-beam installation.

We take the proper precautions when it comes to our installation services. Our fully trained and skilled industry experts with concrete and brick masonry capabilities. They can reinforce and stabilize any construction. Our customized structural reinforcement solutions ensure sustainable and affordable I-beam installation solutions for all our customers.

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