Williamsville, NY Wall Crack Repair

Williamsville, NY Wall Crack RepairA crack in your walls indicates the drying and shrinkage of concrete or plaster, which is normal after construction. The type of crack that develops is indicative of the underlying problem. Most often, homeowners in Williamsville, NY, face wall cracks in their basement walls. You are most probably wondering how serious it is, and if it is detrimental to the house's stability. Here are a few reasons why your basement walls have cracks.

1. Normal Settling

As your home ages, you can expect some wear and tear to occur. Settling happens as the house ages. You will notice settling in hairline cracks over the doors and windows. Settling often happens when the ground under your house shifts with the seasons.

2. Home Left Unoccupied

If you often leave your home unoccupied, you will be more likely to see cracks appearing in the walls and ceiling. These drywall cracks are often caused by the lack of climate control inside the house. Yes, climate control does more than make your home habitable.

3. Faulty Dry Wall Taping

Sometimes home builders do not do an excellent job at drywall installation. So if you see cracks on your walls on a wall you recently had done, chances are someone did a substandard job on it. These cracks often appear at the seams where drywall panels are joined using drywall mud. The seams are usually covered by paint, so your walls are decent and aesthetic. If the joints are poorly done, the cracks appear right through the paint.

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