Orchard Park, NY Drain Tile System & Installation

What is a Drain Tile?

Orchard Park, NY Drain Tile SystemThe word "drain tile" is sometimes misleading because drain tile isn't tile. It is a system of perforated PVC pipes laid underneath the foundation of a home. These pipes collect groundwater before it enters crawl spaces and your basement. This drain tile system directs the water into a collection pit or away and down from your home's foundation.

Drain tile installation can be done outside of the foundation of a home or inside, underneath the slab floor. The drain tile system effectively forms a path with less resistance for water to follow. This means it's unlikely for water to seep into the basement through cracks in your slab or foundation.

Factors Homeowners Should Consider Before Drain Tile Installation

The drained water from your home needs to go somewhere; that place should be a municipal way with a sewer grate that could catch water or through a sloppy hill that leads towards a natural waterway. Homeowners should never direct towards a nearby building or a septic leach field because it will wreak havoc on a septic system.

If your home doesn't have a suitable water runoff area, it is recommended to get a drain tile expert to access your home options before drain tile installation.

Does Your Home Need a Drain Tile System?

Yes! Especially if you are building a new home. It is vital to install a drainage system as a security percussion measure during heavy flooding. Drain tile systems are better installed in the early phase of home construction. But if you are an existing homeowner, drain tiles can be retrofitted in your home to eliminate water problems.

How To Manage Your Home Drain Tile System

· Always ensure your home landscape and yard are perfectly graded, and water is directed away from your foundation.

· Always ensure downspouts and gutters in your home enable the free flow of drain water.

Get Assistance from a Drain Tile Expert!

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