Hamburg, NY Waterproofing Contractor

Few disasters put fear in the hearts of Hamburg, NY homeowners the way that water intrusion does. Water can enter your home through wall cracks, support beams, roof leaks, and can even seep through the foundation in areas where water is standing. UTECH Basement Waterproofing is a full service waterproofing company dedicated to the prevention and repair of water intrusion. A second generation company that utilizes their extensive experience and knowledge gained since 1967, the experts are the Hamburg, NY waterproofing contractor of choice. The following services are offered to prevent or correct water damage:

  • Reinforcing foundation walls with carbon fiber straps
  • Installation of drain tile
  • Repair of wall and foundation cracks
  • Installation of sump pumps and other yard drainage techniques
  • Reinforcement with steel beams

What Are the Effects of Water Intrusion?Hamburg Waterproofing Contractor

UTECH basement Waterproofing is a waterproofing company committed to educating and helping homeowners understand what they can do to protect their home from costly water damage repairs. Ensuring that the problem is not only solved, but that the procedures meet industry standards and are transparent to our customers is important.

Many homeowners are unaware of the maintenance and inspections that should be regularly conducted to protect their homes' foundations. Excessive water caused by storms, melting snow, or poor drainage can result in issue such as mold growth, deteriorating foundations, and rotting support beams. It is not necessary for your basement to be musty and unusable. The sealing of cracks and the installation of a sump pump can turn your basement into additional usable square footage and prevent future damage to your home.

Call a Waterproofing Professional 

We help Hamburg, NY homeowners who have leaks or structural problems in their basement and who are in need of permanent repair solutions. UTECH holds our team accountable for their work and we use preventative waterproofing and repair methods that are effective, reliable, and that help to protect your most important investment-your home.