Grand Island, NY Drain Tile System & Installation

Grand Island, NY Drain TileIf you are developing a residential home in Grand Island, NY, you need to discuss the foundation drainage with your contractor. New York follows the International Plumbing Code, which recommends the installation of foundation drainage systems such as a drain tile system to protect the house from water leaks.

How a Drain Tile System Works

A drain tile system works by directing groundwater and rainwater from the roof away from the house through gravity. This works well in sloped areas. In a flat area, the drain tile PVC pipe directs water to a pit from where an electric pump sucks it into a storm sewer or other safe place.

During a drain tile installation, technicians lay a PVC pipe around the foundation of the house. The pipe has small perforations through which water enters. These PVC pipes can withstand up to 3000 pounds of pressure. The installers cover the pipe with 2-3 feet of gravel that has 1.5 inches in diameter. This gravel can't enter the pipe but acts as a filter to prevent dirt from entering the pipe.

Retrofitting Drain Tile Systems

It's easier to do a drain tile installation on a new house, at the foundation stage, because it requires little excavation. However, it's still possible to retrofit a drain tile system on an old house to solve leakage problems or as just a safeguard.

When purchasing an old home, it's important to ask the seller whether a drain tile system exists. You should also look out for drainage problems. They include:

  • Water seeping into the basement floor

  • Water paddles on gathering around the yard

  • Wet basement walls

  • Wetness on the crawl space

If the existing drain tile system is clogged or damaged, a waterproofing expert will advise on whether to repair or install another one.

Utech Basement Waterproofing specializes in providing drain tile installation services to residents of Grand Island, NY. Find out more about our drain tile systems by writing to us on our website. One of our technicians will be in touch with you.