Cheektowaga, NY Drain Tile System & Installation

Cheektowaga, NY Drain Tile System InstallationWhether you own a business, home, or commercial building, if you have a foundation then you are susceptible to leaks. Water pressure can cause water to seep through even the strongest concrete if your home is built on any type of slope or the water simply does not have a place to drain. This is where a Cheektowaga, NY drain tile system can save your home from leaks. Even if you are only experiencing small leaks now, they will continue to grow unless you take proper action and contact us for help with drain tile installation.

What is a Drain Tile System?

If you haven't had to deals with leaks in Cheektowaga, NY before you may not be familiar with a drain tile system. Simply put, it is a system of porous pipes that are set up to run next to your foundation so that water naturally seeps into the pipes and then runs away from your home instead of seeping into your basement. The drain tile system leads the water away from your home down a slope if available, or runs back into a sump pump that will then direct the water safely away towards your sewage system.

What to Expect from Drain Tile Installation in Cheektowaga

From the outside, a drain tile installation in Cheektowaga, NY may look a bit intimidating, but the process is quite routine if you hire a professional drain tile system installer to handle it. We will dig into the dirt around your foundation and lay a series of pipes around your home or wherever the sloped ground is causing issues with flooding. The pipes will be led to a natural point that will drain away from your home. Once the pipes are in place, we will cover them with gravel and then a fine screen or gravel tar to allow the water to properly seep into the pipes. Then dirt is replaced over the hole and your home will look exactly the same as before, except with a new drain tile system that will stop the flooding once and for all.

If you are ready to stop leaks in your foundation once and for all, contact Utech Waterproofing of Cheektowaga, NY and let us install your drain tile system.