Drain Tile System & Installation in Amherst, NY

Amherst, NY Drain Tile InstallationLiving in Amherst, NY can be a picturesque dream, but if you own a home or business with a basement area it can also be trying at times. The rolling slopes of Amherst, NY meant that homeowners and property owners have to deal with unwelcome leaks in their basement foundation. Over time water damage can cause a lot of problems in your home. Even small leaks can lead to moisture which can result in the growth of mold and other health issues. That is why if you have a leak issue you need to call us for help with a drain tile installation. 

The Basics of an Amherst, NY Drain Tile System 

A drain tile system works with gravity to simply and effectively move water away from your foundation so that it no longer poses a threat. A drain tile system is composed of a network of porous pipes that are placed around a building to draw water towards the pipes and away from the foundation. The water is then directed either down a slope to a spot where it cannot cause any further damage or to a sump pump which then directs it towards the sewage system.

What to Expect During Drain Tile System Installation in Amherst, NY

While drain tile installation is something that should only be handled by professionals, if you leave it to Utech Waterproofing we will make it a simple process for you. As part of the process, we will dig up a few feet around the entire perimeter of the affected structure. We will then install porous pipes and lay gravel over top of the piping to help direct water towards the pipes.