Pioneers. One word that says it all. We take great pride in being the oldest, most experienced waterproofing contractor in the Buffalo region.

We established a functional and affordable solution for wall cracks that revolutionized the wall crack sealing method. Our protected 'Inject-A-Seal' methodology has empowered leaking cracks in foundation walls for over 45 years. Our tidiness and cleanliness in installing a patented drain tile with the accurate and correct redirection of water has saved and provided purpose for over 20,000 customer properties. Our certified trained specialist experienced in mechanical operations and techniques ensure the most accurate precision in excavation, helical pile installation and foundation wall repairs to reestablish properties on the market. Our drainage competence and yard work experience has allowed thousands of customers to reuse the backyard they lost. Our fast and reliable service in correctly installing sump pumps and back-up systems have saved properties from flooding.

And most importantly, our commitment to guarantee our customers the best quality and service for over 45 years is why we are your only choice of contractor when it comes to providing faster, better, more efficient service at an affordable cost.



Please look through the attached photos below showing the clean, neat and customer expectation surpassed work that we completed through the years.

Wall Crack Gallery

Drain Tile Gallery

Steel Beams Gallery

Yard Drainage Gallery

Carbon Fiber Straps Gallery